You are like mustaches;
But esthetic
An masculine epic

A man with mustaches
Without you, he like another person, that’s how I explained your power

A boy without mustaches
When he grow you, let you to blossoming beneath his nose
You kill that boyish look o’ boy, and let a man be born through

A man can kill all of you with single swift of sharpness o’ his razor blades, but you don’t die, you just buried, you strike back with itchiness a mili every day he didn’t shave

You can blunt every sharp objects, because he wanted comeback to smooth again. And he realized that no more smoothly way again when he leaned againts his chin once you become a beard.


Horrible Cynic

There’s more than cynical about me with mindless fanatics.
They quotes passages from whatever book they believe from the sky.
They just know by heart, or just read, or read it loud with loudspeaker.
They’re wants credit not the meaning, that’s why they always repeat it, again and again, till… I don’t know, maybe till they forget who and what they are.
Stupid little mind who stand a line for years with their money they collect for years for what?
For fantasies.
For struggle to obtain a kiss for single fucking time or more to kiss a black cubical rock which their centre of their world.
With single fucking trip you will get title before your name.
For god sake?
For fuck sake! It’s godsend.
I hate them. I don’t know why, maybe because all the way they felt the righteous ass and they told me that I’m lost and lead by satan.
I tell them that they’re worried about demonic things outside and forget the demonic snake inside their head whose commanded them the grab the apple.
And they did, but this time not apple, but water of desert.
The holy water they believe could digest their “apple” and fall them back into eden.
They digested their apple with fucking water?
Yes, they sweep away their knowledge about right and wrong or watering those apple to grow it back become fucking tree, I don’t know. I fucking hate them.
And I just want to eat my fucking apple.

Some men

Some men choose joy and being happy about their lives.
And it didn’t last long.
It liked taste sweet to another sweet.

Some men choose sadness and being a bit melancholy.
And the longer they stayed the more desperate they are,
Then he became pathetic.
They couldn’t deserted that desert.

Some men use anger and being angry about everything.
They’re weak, quick temper, slow thinkers.
The quicker they ignited the faster they got killed.
Like fire meet timberland.
They’re very abusive like smoke of conflagration.
Easy to tricked, easy to provoked, yet dangerous to confront.

Some men use fear and become vigilant.
They’re  believe brave is only appears when you’re afraid.
They’re skeptical about everything.
Some of theirs being coward when they’re leaving.
Some of theirs being craven when they’ve no idea who’s the winning side.
Some being fools enough to gamble with their risk.

Some men use their madness and be psychopath.
And it’s rare way to crossed.
They believe what’s right and what’s  wrong just delusional.
It’s just Adam’s apple thing.
Slowly but sure the sound of their head consumes their brain, sound of thousands fly crowd around in their skull.
In their own eyes they’re servant of the voice.
They cannot refuse the temptation.
Their lack of sanity allows them to do whatever they want.
Includes kinslaying or cannibalism.

Some men use abuse to get away from pain.
And they’re became masochist.
They refuse the hurt someone else instead.
They believe dead is the only freedom.
Freedom of the horrible horror of the world in their eyes.
They cannot bought your dreams because they’ve been on nightmares.

Some men choose this or that. Some men use these or those.
Soon they get to used it.
And a few some men didn’t choose or use. They’re aphatist, they’re abstain about everything.
Their pent-up rage tired to fight any longer.

Some men not too good at first met. Some men oftentimes talk about penis penetrate vagina. Some men use and choose lust,
Their poker face make women hate them at first time, then the women realized that it took a time to seek pleasures that they’re some one they yearning for.
To get wet and orgasm again and again and again.
Until they forget and realized at the same time what love is.

Some men choose despise and malice to some men, but some men never intended to show their hateful heart and spiteful mind unless it’s the last time when they took some men’s life.

Some men wanted to be father. Some men just grow up and didn’t step up.
Some men die young.
Some men serve till they old and die.
All men are not the same.



Alone is your mate, dead mate
And Death only his child
Hell is the only his wife
We are just his imaginary friends
He will shut our mouth as lover’s kiss
Deceived you to live with ourselves forever
He’s a trick for a trip to eternity
Lonely you might be
But you never be
Alone is your mate, dread mate


Son of Hate

I’m borne back from disappointment
I was grew up with religious father
Which was very abusive one
He spelled cursed upon me instead prayer
He given up within soft and hard way
I fulfilled my heart with cynical hateful
My eyes dripped with spite
My skin sweated with malice
I wouldn’t give him forgiveness
I would forgot it until I could piss upon his grave
Instead give a prayer begin and end with his name
In that moment I forgave and forgot him


Craven’s Grave

You can fly as higher and further than you could

Gravity pulling you back down

Wind pushing you away tilting you direction

Then you’ll lost but you don’t know yet

After long, you really realise that you are

Your wings tired

Your eagle’s eyes too sleepy

Then you remember home as hell

Finally, before at very end…

You must be cursed

Just because let them condemned you

Until at very end, die regretted alone

Consumed by malice

Spit a spite to all who despise

Holding anger

Praying the one who most you hate neither die nor live his life

He just dying

And you will die never forgive him

Your father, beloved father who mistake you

That’s you would swore to piss his grave after

He saw you die first

No flower or words

Neither has to come


Just nothing



Segala yang basah akan kukeringkan.
Semua yang berkeringat akan kuserap.
Tak seutuhnya kubalut tubuh segar sehabis mandimu.
Kau usap rambut panjangmu pada tubuhku, kau dekap hingga hilang rasa lembab.

Setelahnya aku tergeletak di lantai atau kau lempar ke kasur atau keranjang baju kotor.
Kulihat tubuh telanjangmu dari belakang.
Kau berpakaian di depan cermin melupakanku pikirku.
Rela aku terpanggang dibawah terik seharian menunggumu pulang.
Aku hanyalah handuk, tanpamu aku cuma gombal atau kain pel bahkan keset.
Aku mencintaimu seperti handuk, Dan kau membuatku seperti handuk seutuhnya.


Missing You

Every losing things was missed.
But you’re not a thing.
But why I missing you.

You’re the reason I live my life.
I’ve tried to make preparation to us for live together. To make you happy not give you misery.
But you have your own reason too, to live your life.
But you have own way to make decision. You deserve to be happy, to be loved. Not to be worried.

I’m yours. You’re mine.
I’m lucky to have you.
But more than luck that I had to possess you.
But I doubt now.
Not because of you, not because anxiety tell me that you’ll leave me.
Because I’m too afraid not coming back home.
I don’t wanna you missing me. Because it’d been heavy to carry on.
But If you hate loneliness, don’t miss me, you’re beautiful, there are millions will fight to get you.

There’s a gazillion time for missing you.
I wouldn’t search widely,
I wouldn’t dig deeply,
Because you’re not treasure,
You’re pirate who save my heart into someplace save.
You’re wizard who make me neither alive or dead.
I condemned just to missing you. Neither to love or hate you.


The day

The day time give you a gift to flash the past, you always lose the present at the same time, nothing to do but recollecting.

The day oracle give you some hints about the future, you always lose the present, nothing to do but worrying the bad shit not gonna happen.

The day you focus about the present, something a lot to do, act busy, forget the day today’s make you need calendar and reminder on your phone.

The day you stop feeling restless, ignore vicious cycle of the time in this cruel life, surrounded by abusive mouth of evil people with innocent face or perky tits is the day of your independence day.

The day of you get freedom entirely is the day you are dead, because when you’ve been said “freedom” ever yet you still breath, it’s like you take a breath so deeply then you hold out, breathtaking, till you break wind, farting. That’s freedom when you live on.



If there is a hint for your puzzles
If there is a caution before anyone  committed their thread becoming crime
If there is turning back from the wrong way boulevard
If there is a way to time travelling which one you choose? Past or Future?

Unfortunately unfair world is fair enough to never let anyone use those cheat engine
If you want some fair, sleep tightly, deep enough, till you stop breathing.
Paradox is, you forbidden to commit suicide.